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aluminum service entrance cable free sample - HDC
aluminum service entrance cable free sample – HDC


Rated Voltage: 600/1000V
Conductor: Solid or stranded Al conductor
Insulation: XLPE, PVC, PE
Neutral conductor: Helically Al wire with coverage 100% and non-100% coverage
External coverage: Weather resistant material, XLPE, PVC, PE

Where to buy low price aluminum service entrance cable?

Huadong Cable Group is a professional manufacturer of aluminum underground service entrance wire. With many year’s experiences, our company can give you some suggestions when you install the aluminum urd service entrance cable. What’s more, our aluminum underground service entrance cable is cheap and quality. Welcome you come and buy.

aluminum service entrance cable

 Previous preparation to install aluminum service entrance cable.

Get a pipeline licence, road construction licence, and road construction permit. In order to meet to the requirement of environment to install the aluminum service entrance cable, you should excavate the sample hole, check up on the underground pipelines and soil situation along the line. Then, it should be normal after inspection of the quality of the aluminum entrance cable. Huadong Cable Group not only a supplier, but also a manufacturer. Our company has many years of experience in export aluminum entrance wire. If you want to buy it, please contact us. Our competitive price will send you in 12 hours.

aluminum se cable
buy cheap aluminum se cable

To determine position of the aluminum service entrance cable according to the instructor.

To determine the length of the cent line and the position of the cable tray, traction machine, and conveyor. Next, you should calculate when install every section cable, the tractive force and lateral pressure less than the specified value. What’s more, use correctly the machine of the aluminum se cable. The cable pulling eye and twister-proof device will be used. In order to ensure compliance of the bending radius of cable, you must be use roller and roller of L-shaped correctly. Someone have to monitor when laying the key parts. And meanwhile, continuous communication should be ensured. In addition, the pulling speed must be controlled effectively. Please contact us if you want to buy aluminum service wire.

aluminum service entrance cable free sample--HDC
aluminum service entrance cable free sample–HDC

The bottom of trench of the aluminum underground service entrance cable must be smooth.

The bottom of trench of the aluminum service entrance wire must be smooth. At the same time, the buried depth of aluminum service entrance cable must accord with the requirement. For the cable protection tube, which has been used and pre-buried in the field of this project, should be dredged and checked. It’s normal that the cable protection tube is bidirectional smooth. Please feel free to contact us if you need low price aluminum entrance cable.

single core aluminum service entrance cable and cable laying site
single core aluminum service entrance cable and cable laying site

Check the aluminum service entrance cable.

During the process of laying to ensure that the aluminum se cable is not damaged. Before an dafter, cable of outer sheath insulation need to inspected. In addition, the distance of aluminum service wire should meet the requirement. The distance between aluminum service entrance wire and the nearly pipeline should meet the requirement. When you are finished, you need to measure circuit at once. Besides, the aluminum service entrance cable should be covered by soil or sand of 15 cm. Then cover the protection cover plate and plastic identification tape. We can give you cheap aluminum entrance cable with free sample. Welcome you come and

Huadong aluminum-wire
Huadong aluminum-wire

Huadong Cable Group

Huadong Cable Group is one of excellent aluminum se cable manufacturers in China. We can make the aluminum service wire according to your requirement. Welcome your come and visit!

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