3 wire service entrance cable

Purchase SER Cable at a Discounted Price

buy cheap seu ser service entrance cable in Huadong supplier
buy cheap seu ser service entrance cable in Huadong supplier


The cables are for the service-entrance.


Rated Voltage: 600/1000V
Conductor: Solid or stranded Al or  copper conductor
Insulation: XLPE, PVC, PE
Neutral conductor: Helically Al wire with coverage 100% and non-100% coverage
External coverage: Weather resistant material, XLPE, PVC, PE


aluminum/copper  ser cable

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100/200 amp ser cable

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Where to find reliable ser wire suppliers and manufacturers?

The ser cable from the factory to customer, will pass through the process of transportation and storage. It means carry, load and unload, and storage over and over again. Some ser service entrance cables have just come out are fine. However, in the hands of the user, the ser wire surface may has been damaged, cable insulation also has been broken. What should you do in that case? Don’t worry. Huadong Cable Group will offer the following suggestions. And if you have any needs about ser electrical cable, please don’t hesitate to send the require. sales@huadongconcentriccable.com

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discounted ser cable for sale

How to buy low price ser cable with free sample?

Load and unload the type ser cable one by one. Generally Speaking, it will be used forklift or crane when handling cable drum. It is prohibited that several cables are hoisted at the same time. Otherwise the ser wire is prone to slip and fall, due to center of gravity be unsteady. The ser electrical cable is not allowed stored in a flat way. Because of the horizontal lying will allow the cable to be wound loose , which will affect the normal cable release, the ser electrical wire and cable drum may be be damaged. Welcome you come Huadong and buy high quality ser cable. sales@huadongconcentriccable.com3 wire service entrance cable

How to choose the conveyance to transport the SER cable?

Suitable vehicle to transport the ser electrical wire. When you transport larger cable drum, you should choose the highway transportation equipment. If you use the heavy-duty truck, please notice that the height of truck should meet height limitation that bridges and culvert on the traffic road. If it exceeds the limit, a special vehical can be used to reduce the transportation height. Huadong Cable Group not only a ser cable supplier, but also a manufacturer. Our company has many years of experience in export ser service entrance cable. If you want to buy it, please contact us. Our competitive price will send you in 12 hours.

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What should you do after SER cable arrived at the destination?

Remember to check the ser wire. After the ser electrical cable is transported to the destination, you should check it in time. If the damage of ser cable is found, contact the manufacturer immediately. Never use damaged cables in case of adverse consequences. In addition, how to staple the protection guard plate for ser service entrance cable? Use protection guard plate for important engineering ser wire. The cable drum internal opening should nailed the protective guard plate, and it should better be firmly fixed to the cable bag. In case of impact on the cable drum during transportation, the protective sealing plate can play a better protection part. By the way, if you want to buy ser wire at the cheapest price, welcome you contact Huadong at ant time. sales@huadongconcentriccable.com

3 wire service entrance cable

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huadong customers

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