seu cable

SEU Cable

seu cable


The cables are for the service-entrance.


Rated Voltage: 600/1000V
Conductor: Solid or stranded Al or  copper conductor
Insulation: XLPE, PVC, PE
Neutral conductor: Helically Al wire with coverage 100% and non-100% coverage
External coverage: Weather resistant material, XLPE, PVC, PE

Huadong Cable Group not only a supplier, but also a manufacturer. Our company has many years of experience in export 100 amp service entrance cable. If you want to buy it, please contact us, our competitive price will send you in 12 hours.

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Huadong Cable Group

Zhengzhou Huadong Cable Group is one of the most first-class seu cable manufacturers and suppliers in China, which integrated of design, producing, sales and service. The total asserts of the company amount to USD 28.7 million. The products are of high quality and sell well on both domestic and overseas markets. Our company specialties in producing many kinds of cable, ABC cable, power cable, and seu cable and so on. Here I would like to mainly touch upon the advantages of the seu cable in Huandong Cable Group.


Advanced equipment and skilled professional of seu cable

Our company adopts advanced manufacturing processing equipment and testing equipment at home and abroad. Such as projector, pulling force testing machine, vulcanizing, and high temperature constant temperature test case etc. There are sophisticated facilities of 20 sets production lines and 30 sets testing machine. It is a high quality guarantee to manufacture the seu cable. In addition, Huadong Cable Group own 90 professional technicians, including 30 senior engineers and a group of enterprising conscientious and well-trained staffs. Sophisticated equipment and professional technology will definitely to create more value-added products. So the seu cables are of first-class quality.

 seu cable
Huadong Cable Group SEU Cable

Adherence to the standard of manufacture of seu cable rigidly

Huadong Cable Group always strictly according to IEC, CEA, NFC standards to manufacture the seu service entrance cable. And we may also manufacture according to the customer request making to order. As one of the leading company in seu cables industry, our products have been awarded the BV, ISO, CE, SGS, CCC, PCCC, and ROHS Certification of Honor and so on. In our factory, every production process of the seu cable is stringently controlled all the time. Every staff all do their conscientious duty, and very rigorous in their position. Therefore, the quality of the seu cable is absolutely guaranteed.

Huadong cable group certifications

A great deal of manufacturing experience of seu cable

With the development of this years, our company has accumulated a wealth of experience of production of the seu service entrance cable. And we have abundant experience in cooperating with a lot of domestic and foreign companies. Our customers come from more than 30 countries and regions in the world, such as: South America, Middle East, Africa, Oceania, North America, and so on. Many countries and regions have a long-term and happy business relationship with us in seu cable. Base on so many years of experience, I’m sure you’ll be satisfied with our seu cable.


Competitive price of seu cable.

(1)Own manufacturing plant of the seu cable.
We offer not only top quality seu wire, but also competitive price. This is why we keep getting the orders of the retailers and wholesalers from all over the world.  And the important one is that our company has own manufacturing plant. Therefore, compare to other small trading companies who fake themselves as factories but buy from the distributors, we definitely can offer you the most competitive price especially for big orders. In terms of raw materials,our company is very close to the locality, which means traffic is of great convenience. Moreover, we have the advanced technology and skilled personnel. The cost will be saved greatly by all of this factors. So the seu cable price must be also declined. You can got a preferential price to purchase the high-quality seu service entrance cable.

huadong workshop

(2)Abundant raw materials of the seu cable.
As we all know, the production of the seu cable requires a lot of copper and aluminum. And exactly, the copper and aluminum in reserves is rich in China. At present, there are 913 proven copper locality, and the total reserve amount has reached 73.7252 million. The resource of copper mine is mainly distributed in the Liaoning Province, Anhui Province, Jingxi Province, and Tibet Autonomous Region etc. The reserve of copper mine in China is very large, with the total amount ranking third in the world. Meanwhile, the aluminum mine is also rich and primarily located in the Shanxi, Henan, and Guangxi Province and so on. It is one of the key benefits for our company to manufacture the seu wire.


Huadong Cable Co., Ltd’s principles are quality first, customer first, honesty and profession, equal and mutual benefit, better service and faster delivery. Anyway, all take the customer as the center. As long as you buy the seu cable in Huadong Cable Group, you can enjoy the supremacy of our service. Huadong Cable Group welcomes you come and visit at any time. We will be at your service.

huadong cable group customer

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