underground service entrance cable

Underground Service Entrance Cable

underground service entrance cable


The cables are for the service-entrance.


Rated Voltage: 600/1000V
Conductor: Solid or stranded Al or  copper conductor
Insulation: XLPE, PVC, PE
Neutral conductor: Helically Al wire with coverage 100% and non-100% coverage
External coverage: Weather resistant material, XLPE, PVC, PE

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urd service entrance cable

Underground service entrance cable can enhance the reliability of urban distribution network.

It is easy to be corroded by the acid and alkali gas and water vapor in the atmosphere, which makes the overhead line have a lot of potential angers. It is very necessary and important to use overhead line to underground in city. Urd service entrance cable can bring the reliability of power supply to the city, and the security is higher.

underground service entrance cable.

Underground service entrance cable can reduce the risk and guaranteed security.

Adopting the underground service entrance cable can greatly reduce the danger of accident, and avoid the accident of the telegraph pole, which leads to the accident of personal safety. What’s more, underground service entrance cable will strengthen the transmission capacity of urban lines. Usually overhead transmission lines only have one direction to transmit and 2 to 4 circuits. However, the underground service entrance cable has more than 20 circuits.

urd service entrance cable

Underground service entrance cable will improve the use value of land in the city.

Land is a kind of high value but scarce resource, especially in the central area of modern city. Because the space safety distance requirement of overhead line is higher the urd service entrance cable, there are many restrictions of the use of adjacent land, the value of land use is reduced. Nevertheless, the value of land use can be increased if you install the urd service entrance cable.

underground service entrance cable

Underground service entrance cable can eradicate visual pollution and beautify city environment.

The huge and cobwebby city overhead lines have largely destroyed the cityspace, destroyed the row upon row of traditional and modern buildings facade, caused serious visual pollution. But through urd service entrance cable of use, you can enjoy a pure city road space. Not only let people produce a comfortable sense of beauty, but also makes the urban environment become more and more beautiful.

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huadong underground service entrance cable

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